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Health Virtual is an online health resource that provides healthy living advice for people looking for ways to stay healthy in an ever changing technology crazy world.
A move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age has seen a mass of manual physical tasks become automated and a population that is far less active with incidental exercise and movement, therefore becoming more sedentary and obese as each year passes.

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Embrace Technology………but learn to switch off.

At Health Virtual we embrace technology and the benefits that this ever changing phenomenon bring to our society but we have a genuine concern for our kids health and the health of society in general as we trend towards endless hours sitting in front of screens or mobile devices oblivious to the effect on our health and well being. The amount of time spent sitting in front of screens is having a long term impact on posture, eye health, flexibility, general fitness levels as well as mental health and person to person communication skills. These issues are among a plethora of other conditions that may only become clear in future decades if we continue our obsession with technology at the expense of real life movement and social interaction.
As the Health Virtual website grows and evolves we are focused on providing healthy living tips and advice that will help you stay healthy both physically, mentally and socially in a world that is changing every second but losing touch with basic human needs of regular movement, real food and a calm stress free mind.

Practical health tips.

Our aim is to provide practical, useful advice in all areas of health and well being although our main areas of focus will be 1. Movement and Exercise 2. Real Food and Nutrition and 3. Health of Mind. We believe that most areas of great health and well being fall into these three categories and that practical unbiased advice in these areas will be a valuable resource for our readers. We only get one human body and one chance at life so whilst it is exciting, ever changing times we live in, we must not forget the basic needs of the human body and make time each day to nourish our mind, body and soul without digital or electronic distraction.

Is knowledge the answer??

It is a well known fact that knowing is not doing! We have more knowledge and access to more information than at any time in history, yet we are living in a world that is becoming less active and more obese by the day. Our goal is not only to provide practical ways to be healthy but to also deliver advice in a user friendly format that can be easily and practically integrated into your life.

Our Philosophy.

The Health Virtual philosophy is one of embracing change without losing sight of the basic requirements of human existence based around movement and exercise, real food, and a calm and happy mind.
We hope you enjoy the site.


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