Hunter Gatherer

We Were Born to Move

The human body is a wonderful creation, an amazing biofeedback machine that if listened to and nurtured in the correct manner will provide an energetic and healthy vessel for you to inhabit whilst living on this big blue planet.
There is little doubt, that with four strong limbs (2 legs and 2 arms) and our primary existence of hunter and gatherer, we were Born to Move. In generations past, as we moved from our hunter gatherer existence to a more structured work load in the industrial age, movement through exercise or incidental daily activity was something that just happened automatically in the lives of most.

The Impact of Technology on Movement

Autolavaggio con spazzoloniwashing a car at home

With such massive improvement and innovation in technology, today we are facing far greater challenges in relation to exercise and movement as the information age moves into full swing. We are becoming a society that loves comfort, and technology is delivering that comfort at frightening speeds. In years gone by you had to get out of your chair to change the channel on the television, you had to get out of your car to lift the garage roller door, you actually had to physically wind the window on the car to open or close it and in most cases you had to expend physical energy to wash and scrub your car to keep it shiny and clean. All these daily incidental activities and many more have been largely replaced by technology that lets us do all these things from the comfort of our ever growing posterior.
Our love of comfort and the emergence of technology and social media has also resulted in generational change in the way our children move and communicate. I recall in my younger day coming home from school and raiding the fridge or pantry before heading outside with my siblings or neighbourhood friends for the usual afternoon fun which in some form required bodily movement. Today I witness children come home from school and whilst still raiding the fridge and pantry in traditional fashion they then head for the couch with their mobile device in search of their continued social interaction.
It is this change in behaviour that presents some new challenges for our children and future generations. The fact that communication is so easy and accessible without leaving the comfort of the couch is robbing our children of incidental movement and energy expenditure as well as valuable face to face communication skills.

Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Happy black woman sitting on couch using tablet

Statistics have shown that as a global population we are becoming more obese by the day. We also have more information at our fingertips now than ever before in our history. With this in mind it is easy to conclude that our insatiable appetite for comfort and technology may well be leading us to an early grave. As a population the amount of time we now spend sitting on our ample backsides as compared to 3 or 4 decades ago is certainly adding to our growing obesity problems as well as the emergence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and some forms of cancer.
With these issues in mind, it is becoming clear that a lot of our global population will have to plan their daily incidental movement and exercise or chance falling into one of the risk categories mentioned above at a much earlier age than expected.
The emergence of technology and the information age has also brought with it a need for our population to re-evaluate our daily movement habits. Our love of comfort is challenging our basic bodily need for daily movement in whatever form that may be. Join us at healthvirtual.com as we explore ways to embrace technology and all the good it brings to our lives without sacrificing our bodies basic need to move and exercise.