The Power Of The Mind

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Why do some people seem to be so relaxed, at ease and successful in life while for others every day is a constant battle with stress, relationships and negative thoughts? Have you ever wondered why life pans out the way it does for you? Or whether you have any influence over your daily reality?

Is your glass half full or half empty?

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Let’s look at a scenario where 2 employees of a big company are called into a meeting with their boss only to find out that, due to company cost cutting, they are both being made redundant, effective immediately. Employee number 1 is devastated and stress immediately infects every inch of his body, his blood pressure and cortisol levels rise and his thought patterns focus on the negative impact a reduced cash flow will have on his ability to fund a family and a mortgage. On the other hand, Employee number 2 seems relaxed and even a little relieved. He was bored with his job and would love a change of occupation, might take a month off to go on a family holiday or even spend some time working on his golf game before looking for a new career path. He is excited about a change of employment and is looking forward to seeking out a new job with new challenges.
Both employees were delivered exactly the same information but had completely different reactions and their reality of the situation was directly influenced by those reactions. Scenarios like this happen thousands of times all over the world every single day and allow us to conclude that our internal thoughts are directly related to our external reality.
I once read some research that found the average person has 100,000 thoughts per day, and that 90,000 of those thoughts were thoughts that were had the previous day. So we are constantly projecting and reflecting on the same information, tossing it around our brain like an out of control washing machine. The result of those thoughts being positive or negative can have a massive effect on your reality and the success and happiness of your journey in life.
If you have 100,000 thoughts per day and the majority of those thoughts are of a negative nature we can confidently conclude that your experience of life is not going to be as enjoyable and satisfying as someone who has positive thoughts.

Train Your Mind

Brain lifting barbell. Mind power concept.So now that you know our thoughts have such a big influence on the way you experience life, how do you influence your thoughts to make sure they are in the positive rather than the negative sphere?
I believe there are 4 important areas you can work on in your life that you can control and therefore influence your thought patterns and have a positive impact on your daily reality.
1) Friendships and Relationships – As much as possible surround yourself with successful, positive and happy people. And by successful I am not talking in career or monetary terms, there are plenty of examples of wealthy people in top paying jobs who are unhappy as much as there are people on a low wage with minimal assets who are happy and stress free and therefore successful in life. Stay clear of negative energy vampires who constantly drag you into their negative sphere of doom and gloom.
2) Sleep – In terms of good health and positivity I believe the value of adequate sleep has been understated for too long. Along with water, sleep is one of the only things our body can’t do without for more than a couple of days. Our 24/7 society and addiction to electronics and social media has come at the expense of regular quality sleep. A sleep deprived person has less energy, reduced brain function and is more likely to fall into a negative mindset. Try sleeping somewhere between 7.5 – 9 hours every night and feel the awesome effect on your energy levels and positive frame of mind. Alternatively, grab 3 -5 hours sleep for a few nights running and feel like an exhausted bag of crap.
3) Meditation – One of the numerous goals and health benefits of meditation is the process of stilling the mind and assuming command of that out of control washing machine of thoughts. Of course you will continue to have thoughts, but the goal of meditation is not to get caught up in those thoughts and to recognise them for what they are and then let them go like a cloud floating by in the sky. Once you are able to detach yourself from your thoughts you will feel a great sense of relaxation, freedom, inner peace, positivity and every cell in your body will thank you. Meditation has so many benefits for your body, mind and soul but is an art that needs to be worked on consistently. A meditation teacher of mine (Dr. Ian Gawler) once told me, 10 minutes of meditation every day is better than 30 minutes every 3 days.
4) Education www.healthvirtual.com is built on the philosophy that movement and exercise, real food, and a calm and happy mind are the basic requirements for great health and wellbeing. Reading positive articles posted on our website in these key areas of health will educate you for the future and help keep your thoughts in a positive sphere.
Mind Your Mind
Consciously making time to look after your mind will pay handsome dividends to your overall well being. Whether it be with your friendships/relationships, sleep, meditation or health education…..every effort will be rewarded.